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Transforming Surfaces with Precision and Quality

At our paint spraying service, we use only the finest quality paints available. Our team offers an array of services including lacquering, polishing, and precise color matching to RAL and Pantone color charts. With our exceptional polishing service, we guarantee a perfect finish.

Our team has produced work for some of the biggest international design brands in the cosmetic industry. When you’re looking for a paint spraying service, you can rely on us to exceed your expectations.


3D Rapid Prototyping

At Technicoat, we are always innovating to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions. Our newest offering is 3D fused deposition modeling, which creates detailed 3D models for concept visualizations. With this technology, customers can see a realistic representation of their products before they go into production, which helps to cut costs and speed up the development process. We are skilled in utilizing this technology efficiently to help our clients improve their manufacturing processes.

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